“Smooth, savvy and sophisticated” —Tri-City News

“She brings forward the cool sounds of classic jazz” —Agassiz-Harrison Observer

“Just a note to say how much we enjoyed your concert last night. You are truly inspirational.” —L. Naylor

“Your concert was inspiring.” —E. Moore

“I wrote on my Facebook last night about your wonderful concert….a rich tapestry of sound and meaning.” —D. Ellis

“Enjoyed it all very much and was happy to see so many others sharing the music and the joy with you!” —L. Ross

“Enjoyed the concert and the sound. Picked up your new CD, great!” —J. Copland

“You have such a beautiful voice and a casual relaxed way of presenting that you made a terrific evening for me. Please, let me know when you are doing this again.” —B. Johnson

“Just want to say how much I enjoyed your show on Sat. You are a wonderful musician and performer, back by a super group so I hope you have continued success.” —J. Lemon

“This is a poignant collection by a very skilled and experienced jazz musician who expresses life’s joy and pain, with a welcome variety in the choice and style of the songs, and always with maturity and very good taste.” —G. Wallace Deering (regarding album Too Damn Bad)